Learn how X-ray inspection technology can help resolve problems with foreign material in food.

There’s no room to cut corners when it comes to food safety. Making the wrong decision can be costly, both in terms of your brand reputation and your bottom line. But what’s the best way to keep that from happening? 

Our case study, “What Should I Do If I Have a Foreign Material Problem?” walks you through four possible options. By following the story of a fictional frozen pizza company with a real-world illustration, you'll learn the cost and consequences of each of these possibilities. This case study addresses:

  • Which option is least expensive up front — but could cost millions in the long run
  • What you need to consider before making your final decision
  • How to know when it’s time to get outside help from a third-part X-ray food inspection company

Download our case study today and learn what every plant manager, quality assurance professional or food industry professional needs to know when faced with this unfortunate, yet manageable, situation.