Food waste means wasted money.
FlexXray can help you save both.

Nearly 40% of the food grown in the United States ends up in landfills, where it rots and converts to methane, a harmful greenhouse gas linked to climate change. Even though America comprises just 4% of the global population, we contribute an astounding 30% of the planet’s total waste. Unfortunately, food companies are major contributors to that waste, generating about 53 pounds of food waste for every $1,000 in company revenue.

Recognizing the dire situation we’re now in, many food companies are stepping up and committing to drastically reducing food waste and loss. In doing so, they’re not only improving the health of the planet, but are improving their own financial health as well. FlexXray supports this mission and understands this won’t happen overnight or without focused, well-planned initiatives.

It will take a consolidated, committed effort to achieve this environmental gold standard. But we know it can be done — in fact, this year we will help our customers save 98% of food that would otherwise go to landfills.