Learn how to spot problem areas and develop solutions before they cost you money.


For a food plant, there’s no greater fear than a recall. Not only does it mean that your product may have created a safety concern for customers, but it can cause damage to your company’s reputation that can take years to undo.

Whether you are a plant manager, quality control manager, operations manager or food safety supervisor, you can play an active role in preventing issues that could lead to costly recalls and lawsuits. With this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why a real-time data recording system is crucial
  • How changing employee training can boost food safety
  • The role of equipment maintenance in preventing recalls
  • The importance of monitoring your allergen problem

With the average product recall costing about $10 million, prevention is the best solution both for your bottom line and your business reputation. Download this FREE e-book today to learn how to avoid expensive product recalls and lawsuits at your food plant.